Top 3 synchronized VR Sex Toys

Lovense Max

There’s just nothing better than a moving sex toy synched to the porn you watch!

The best VR Fleshlight (porn toys for men)

Yes, I had to specify, as there are also a lot of females who use VR porn toys (even more than men in some situations).

In this list we’re going to have a look at the 3 of the most popular VR Fleshlight masturbators that can give you pulsating feelings of pleasure all though your body.

Why pick the most popular?

Being some of the most popular VR toys on the market, you can make sure there’s enough compatibility with them and the VR porn movies out there. This is only useful if you want to use them in synchronization to what you see in the porn movie itself.

We picked the best VR toys for you because you don’t want to put unknown objects on your dick, do you?

#3 The KIIROO Onyx 2

We already presented the KIIROO Onyx 2 to you. This is simply a modern piece of art; already the design looks futuristic. If you are wondering: the Onyx is the black box, the dildo-like tool on the right resembles the female counterpart, the Pearl. Initially, the Onyx was just intended to synchronize with the Pearl.

After you mount the Onyx on your penis, motions placed on the enclosure are transferred to the Pearl. This way, couples can have sex in e.g. long distance relationships. Gladly, KIIROO got things straight and gave the Onyx the ability to also synchronize with general sexual web content; this includes e.g. live shows but most importantly, VR Sex!

A tool synced to a porn movie just feels insane. I love it when the speed adjusts to her movements!

Currently, BadoinkVR is releasing many movies that are compatible with the Onyx. Surprisingly and soothingly, this works extremely well! With this high-end device, her every move was noticeable. You just have to move it up and down. The Onyx automatically takes care of everything else so lean back and enjoy! So how does it feel? I for myself have to say: it feels different to real sex but it never the less felt excellent. I hope this is enough to spoil your imagination!

Explosion Touch Pad

To further improve the immersion, I have some tips for preparation. Since the VR sex toy Onyx is producing quite some noise, it is best used together with noise canceling earphones. You might also make sure that you are alone at home and you have enough time. Especially in the beginning, it took me a long time to cum, like 15 to 20 minutes.

Maybe this was because a mechanized tool is stroking my chunk! However, it starts to feel more natural the more you use it. And finally, use lots of lubricants! This will make the feeling incredibly real. The only real drawback is the high price of about $300. However, the price dropped to $200 so now is your chance on the most elaborate VR sex toy out there! A well deserved first place!

#2 The Lovesense Max synchronized VR fleshlight

Teledildonics. That’s how they call the VR sex toys that managed to grab the first and second place in our ranking. Don’t worry, it’s not a dildo. It’s another very special fleshlight, this time with vibration inlets as well as a suction pump. Both features improve the feeling of the regular fleshlight essentially.

As a fan of the regular fleshlight, I loved the Max right from the beginning!

Verspanken texture

The Lovense Max to use if you regularly “train” with a Fleshlight. You can control various functions via the Lovense app, like vibrator power or suction. I like to match it to the actual porn scene that I’m watching, increasing the vibration speed once in a while.

The ability to change the tightness of the fleshlight is another big plus. Notably, a lot of consumers complained about the pump and that there is no valve, so a vacuum will be created. I bought my version late in 2016, and I had no problems whatsoever.

The cleaning is manageable and the price of $95 for the Bluetooth version is really cheap compared to its competitor the Onyx. There also exists a version without Bluetooth which only costs $75. I for myself safely recommend this toy as the gap closer between the Onyx and a regular fleshlight. Price-performance winner!

#1 The KIIROO Fleshlight Launch VR- Fully automated

Top 3 synchronized VR Sex Toys 1

The Kiiroo Launch is honestly the BEST synched VR Sex Toy out there! However, it is expensive that’s why it only get the second place. Nevertheless, it’s worth it! I got mine immediately after launch (hehe) and it since then served me well. never regretted getting it one second.

The Launch is fully automated. The newest tech to please you!

Currently, there are many porn sites that offer videos perfect for the Kiiroo Launch. Especially VR sites like VirtualRealPorn synched porn. You can get a working VR headset with the subscription to those sites btw 😉

Honestly, from the technical point of view the best synched Sex Toy. But it’s expensive. But worth it!

Kiiroo vs Lovesense

There Is a good chance you’re still undecided between these two. And as our readers asked us about deciding what the best choice would be. let’s find out the pros and cons:
Kioroo Onyx Pros
  • Fleshlight-branded interior
  • automatic stroking
  • coordination possible with other Onyx devices
  • forward and backward motion
Lovesense Max Pros
  • More realistic look
  • Feels closer to a real vagina
  • Pumping and vibration (instead of forward and backward motion)
  • Cheaper
Kiiroo Onyx Cons
  • Doesn’t have a real life vagina look
  • Takes more time to get used to
Lovesense Max Pros
  • You need to move it forward and backward manually
Both The kiiroo and the Lovesense can be amazing masturbation partners, and whatever you pick, you can get used to and have amazing sessions if you couple them with some VR headset.

VR Porn Naughty America Equipment

Naughty America is one of the best VR porn sources out there and they made some of the best efforts in cooperating with companies that produce VR sex toys. This means they have videos that are sincronized with some of the best toys out there like: 

  • The Lovesense Max– Reviewed above, one of my favorite male sex toys with soft skin like interior that makes you feel like you’re actually fucking a real girl. 
  • AutoBlow 2 – A really exciting automatic blowjob machine that improves on the original concept and can fit all sizes of penises and is easily washable.This is how you can get unlimited blowjobs from pornstars
  • Kiroo Onyx– Almost an equipment required with VR porn on naughty America, as it’s a high end masturbation toy created exclusively for men and can be coordinated with the other onyx devices. The sleeves are branded by Fleshlight themselves, so you should definitely expect quality.

Naught America VR is also one of our most recommended VR sites.

Top 3 synchronized VR Sex Toys 2

Vr Porn toys compatible with PSVR

Since the Playstation VR is on of the most affordable VR headests and there’s even a second version coming soon, there must be some popular porn toys that can work with it.

Actually almost all the sex toys you can find on the market are compatible with the PSVR. Teledildonics can let you experience the best feeling while making your deepest fantasies come true. There are some things that simply can’t be reproduced in reality and it’s great that in 2020 we have the option to do so.

Top 3 synchronized VR Sex Toys 3

Best VR Porn toys for women

I know this is a list dedicated entirely for men, but why not make a gift to your beloved one and buy her something to get her more involved into your awesome VR world and keep her entertained while you’re away.I recommend you check out our list with the best VR porn Toys for Women, but if you’re in a rush, check out this best seller right here.

What are some VR toys that will be released in the future?

If you’re looking for a VR experience that’s reminding you of the movie “HER”, look no further than the present, to predict the future. Some concept VR game and Toy called VirtualMate promises an experience akin to VR Artificial intelligence that basically is similar to a girlfriend experience inside an Alexa device.

Combine this with a good VR Headset and a VR fleshlight and you got yourself a reason to not leave home anymore. The Virtual Mate is a fleshhlight like no other, and you can tell that’s the case, by looking at small details like “self-warming”.

This VR game is something so interactive and realistic it blows my mind!

Top 3 synchronized VR Sex Toys 4

The fleshlight VR Suit (future concept)

There are quite a few developers and companies who have working prototypes of full body VR suits that connect to your home headset like a HTC Vive or Oculus and complete your VR experience.

These are originally made for games, but the pussybilities are limitless, especially if used in VR porn. A suit like this, combined witha fleshlight module could make for the best interactive VR porn experience you can’t even fathom yet. The Tesla suit has many functions including Enterprise training and can even be used in Rehabilitation or even by professional Athlets, so you know it has the potential to become the next VR phenomenom… if used right.

Choose one toy for every girl in the video! Is she alone? Okay, then one for every hole 😉

Conclusion: VR Sex Toys

This is the decade of great VR sex toys for men, and there are more to come! To conclude, there is no bad sex toy amongst all of the above. They all function and feel different. The KIIROO Onyx is the ultimate motorized fleshlight. The price-performance winner Lovense Max is an improved Fleshlight. The Tenga FlipHole holds various surprises along its path, and the regular fleshlight used with the right insert is perfect to enter the world of VR sex toys. The world’s best Guybrator for us is the Hot Octopuss Pulse II; this is a welcome change as it feels so different. Stroke rings like the Verspanken and The Ring are great to pleasure your penis step by step. I mean it! And finally, the tongues of the Sqweel XT are the Icing on the cake.

In my opinion, these VR sex toys complement each other. Even the Onyx, the Max, and the FlipHoles feel completely different. If you don’t have a tool yet, start with a fleshlight, they are cheap and ideal for VR porn. Then climb your way up the ranking, and soon enough, your collection of VR sex toys will promise you a roller coaster ride of sensations! I promise!

Choose one toy for every girl in the video! Is she alone? Okay, then one for every hole 😉